Chile, Allende, Pinochet and the U.S. Analytical Essay by Amali

Chile, Allende, Pinochet and the U.S.
Looks at how the U.S. foreign policy for Chile led to Salvador Allende's defeat and the Pinochet dictatorship.
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This paper traces the history of the the U.S. foreign policy against Chile's Chilean president Salvador Allende, whose death in one of Latin America's deadliest coup d'etats resulted in the presidency of Augusto Pinochet, one of history's greatest violators of human rights. The paper explains that the Nixon Administration, which felt that Allende would communize Chile, established a foreign policy that started using anti-Allende propaganda by comparing him to Castro, cut off aid to all sectors of Chile except the military and planned a coup against him. Even though they must have had an inkling about how Pinochet terrorized his own people, the paper points out that, of the four American presidents during the Pinochet-era, only Carter spoke out against him.

From the Paper:

"At first, the Allende years beamed with economic growth, egalitarianism, and social progress. Upon entering office, Allende spent millions on social programs, such as free milk for youngsters, and he nationalized Chile's major industries, including the copper and telephone industry. Multinational corporations with a stake in Chile and members of the Chilean elite worried that Allende would expropriate their private property without fair compensation. In fact, most corporations knew that, since they grossly underestimated corporate holdings in order to pay fewer taxes, they would be undercompensated if Allende nationalized their industries."

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