Causes of the United States Civil War Analytical Essay by Brianne

Causes of the United States Civil War
Looks the factors which led to the United States Civil War, in addition to the issue of slavery.
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This paper explains that the tension throughout America at the time of the presidential election of 1860 started a decade earlier over the rights of individual states rights and the future of slavery. Next, the author discusses the history behind the Compromise of 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act, the Nebraska-Kansas Act that abolished the Missouri Compromise line and important events such as the 1856 violence in Kansas, the Dred Scott decision, the Lecompton Constitution and John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry. The paper relates that the party platforms of the 1860 presidential election, which clearly reflected this tension, resulted in the election of Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party coming into power and the descent of American into civil war.

From the Paper:

"The Compromise of 1850 was a series of laws that balanced the interest of the South and of the Free states. These laws admitted California into the union as a free state, compensated Texas for relinquishing claims to land east of the Rio Grande, organized the territory of New Mexico without prohibiting slavery, and instituted the Fugitive Slave Law. The Fugitive Slave Act was highly contested by white northerners, as it stated that all American citizens were required to assist in the return of runaway slaves regardless of the legality of slavery in their specific states. The Fugitive Slave Act also stipulated that bystanders must aid in the capture of accused runaway slaves."

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