Canada's Immigration Programs and Employment Analytical Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Canada's Immigration Programs and Employment
This paper looks at the current failure of Canada's immigration programs to improve employment opportunities for immigrants.
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In this article, the writer shows that, to date, the employment situation of immigrants has not significantly improved in Canada, and that Canada's immigration assistance programs have largely been ineffective. The writer covers the government's overall approach to this issue. Further, the writer briefly focuses on the Immigration Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) run by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a branch of the Canadian government. The writer concludes that although the government has initiated specific programs aimed at aiding immigrants to settle into Canadian society, such as the ISAP, these efforts have shown no results when comparing immigrants' economic profiles before and after the programs.

From the Paper:

" Much of modern Canadian history has revolved around immigration. Official censuses compiled by Statistics Canada, the official government statistics agency, report that the vast majority of Canada's population growth between 1851 and 1931 was due to immigration. Since then, immigration levels have fluctuated, but previous trends have recently re-emerged. Between 1986 and 2001, the majority of population growth was, again, due to immigration. The most recent data that I came across showed that in 2002, some 229,000 immigrants legally landed in Canada. Since Canada's population at that time was around 32 million, this means that immigration in 2002 alone accounted for around a 0.79% population increase. Based on these percentages, Canada has the fastest growing immigrant population of any Western nation."

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