Can the U.S. Persuade North Korea to Dismantle Its Nuclear Capability? Analytical Essay by Nicky

Can the U.S. Persuade North Korea to Dismantle Its Nuclear Capability?
An analytical essay on the threat of North Koreas nuclear capability.
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Beginning with a bit of history, this analytical paper provides an overview of North Korea's nuclear capabilities as well as the threat it holds to the United states. Analyzing the history and developing on Kim Jung-Il's nuclear capabilities, the writer provides a look at how the U.S. should approach the North Korea and how to go about peace discussions in order that they might be able to dismantle the capabilities as a whole. Using sources and various social research, the essay concludes that with the many troops now placed in South Korea, any talks on dismantling are very nil.

Literature Review
Theoretical Framework
Research Design

From the Paper:

"Although North Korea has represented an ongoing major threat to stability on the Korean Peninsula since the cessation of hostilities following the armistice ending the Korean Conflict in 1953, the country's ability to cause trouble for its southern neighbor, South Korea, Japan and the world at large has been amplified in major ways by its development of nuclear weapons in recent years. Complicating efforts to negotiate a peaceful settlement to North Korea's continuing nuclear development is the highly secretive nature of the reclusive North Korean society in general and its political and military leadership in particular. With Kim Jong Il's health now in question, and he has recently named a new successor, his youngest son (Associated Press 2009). The Hermit Kingdom remains a fuse that is ready to be lit by what it perceives to be undue provocations. Indeed, Kim Jong Il has clearly stated that further sanctions by the United Nations would be regarded as a declaration of war and North Korea fields the world's third-largest conventional army, not to mention its growing nuclear capability, can back up its hyperbolic rhetoric with fierce military action, at least in the short term (Bolton 2009)."

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