California Dialect and Speech Communities Analytical Essay by winterbaby

California Dialect and Speech Communities
Looks at the teaching of Standard English in Southern California classrooms with students from many different dialect and speech communities.
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This paper first explains that teachers in Southern California may have students in one classroom speaking several different dialects and language patterns; however, these teachers must be able to instruct all students in Standard English while helping students feel comfortable with their own individual dialect. Next, the author describes her teaching methods for her own classroom composed of students from Mexico, the Philippines, Viet Nam plus African-American students many of whom use AAVE and Caucasian native English speakers some of whom use a Southern dialect. The paper underscores the importance of presenting consistent expectations that students learn and use proper grammar in the classroom while understanding that it is okay to speak their own way with their friends on the playground and with their families.

From the Paper:

"Depending on the activity or lesson, I let my students sit next to others with similar speech patterns or I have pre-assigned seats. If we are doing a teacher directed lesson, such as previewing vocabulary words, or reviewing reading strategies, I prefer that my students sit in seats that I have chosen. When we are doing partner-readings, hands-on activities, or even read-alouds, I like that my students can work with others with whom they are comfortable. For those who speak another native language, this also lets them help each other in a language they understand."

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