Bicarbonate Loading by Athletes Analytical Essay by Nicky

Bicarbonate Loading by Athletes
Looks at the practice of bicarbonate loading to increase athletic performance.
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Published on Jan 22, 2011 in Chemistry (Biochemistry) , Sport (Medicine and Drugs) , Ethics (General)

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This paper explains that bicarbonate loading increases an athlete's buffer capacity, which enables a sustained high performance for short high intensity workouts. Next, the author relates the physiology of bicarbonate acidosis or alkalosis and presents a review of reported research. The paper contends that, although sodium bicarbonate is a legal ergogenic aid, it can have serious side affects and, from an ethical position, any chemical performance enhancement that gives an unfair advantage is not acceptable.

Table of Contents:
Physiology of Bicarbonate (Acidosis/ Alkalosis)
Literature Review

From the Paper:

"The energy mechanism of the human body involves a complex network of chemical reactions. The reactions between ATP and Phosphocreatine (PCr), known as the ATP PCr system, is the fastest but short lived energy generating system of the body lasting only for 5 to 6 seconds of maximal activity. The ATP PCr interaction is the basic reaction that triggers muscular contraction and movement. The second and important source of energy is the glycolysis process that converts carbohydrates stored in the muscles and the liver into ATP, a process that can provide for 7 to 10 minutes of maximal activity."

Sample of Sources Used:

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