Being Transgendered in the U.S. Analytical Essay

Being Transgendered in the U.S.
Looks at the history, issues and current problems facing transgendered individuals, even children, in the USA.
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This paper uses the definition of a transgendered person as individuals that cross-dress either some or most of the time, who undergo gender reassignment, or whose gender identity or gender role is not conventional. To understand why transgendered people face hardship and discrimination, even violence and murder in today's society, the author compares the issues of sexual variations in the Native American and ancient Greek and Roman cultures to current attitudes. The paper concludes that the status of the trans community has not been positive; however, through social media platforms, transgender activists are starting to dispel these negative and damaging views.

From the Paper:

"Not only was the hermaphrodite a threat to the binarism that structured human society and the myths in produced, it was also believed that this person would have secret, forbidden knowledge of both sexes. Familiarity of the weaknesses of both sexes can be used against another at any time by the hermaphrodite. This is showcased very well in the old Greek myth concerning Tiresias. Zeus and Hera, king and queen of the gods, were discussing the pleasure of sex and consulted Tiresias, who knew both aspects. He answered that a woman experiences nine times more pleasure than a man. Hera was so angered by this disclosure that she struck him blind.
"Fear that the gods are angry at the community or family, religiously sanctioned belief that men were superior to women by virtue of their sex, the perceived existential threat hermaphrodites pose to society, the alleged secretive information such persons have on everyone else - all these reasons coalesced in Greek society to revile and punish those that were hermaphrodites. Those fears were passed on to modern people and today parents of hermaphrodite babies feel enormous pressure to pick a sex at birth. The babies are not called hermaphrodites anymore, they're called intersex."

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