Being the Best Manager Analytical Essay by pepperpot

This paper discusses handling people and the common pitfalls of management.
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In this article, the writer discusses that management is both an art and a science. The writer maintains that it is not surprising that a lot of people do well as employees and then struggle when they get promoted as managers. The writer expounds on the most common problems encountered by managers and looks how they can be solved or avoided. The writer points out that being part of a business, a manager should also understand the financial features, sets objectives and monitor developments towards success. The writer concludes that a good manager not only does lip service but is evidently willing to do what he wants personnel to do.

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Abilities of a Manager
Boss Talk
The Micromanager
Successful Management

From the Paper:

"To ensure that your team efficiently acts towards a common goal, you sometimes have to utilize sanctioning powers over errant powers. It is preferable, though, if you only need to encourage and reinforce their work. You have more authority and more power to run the ship, so you should be a responsible leader when it comes to moderating your team.
"Being able to steward your employees does have its benefits. Just think what will happen if you have to tell every one of your employees that you do not like the way he or she handles his or her job--complete with a rundown of what he or she did wrong--every single day.
"It certainly would not be productive both for you and your employee. It will make him resent you while also guaranteeing that the employee's performance would not improve. The better way to go about it is to develop a relationship with your employees so that they would be motivated to do their jobs and love their work."

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