Behind the Scenes of Human Cloning Analytical Essay

Behind the Scenes of Human Cloning
A look at the history of human cloning, its recent development and attitudes towards the phenomenon.
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An in-depth look at aspects of human cloning. The author outlines some major points about the ethics, myths and process of human cloning. Included is an examination of various cloning foundations, the history and development of cloning, legal issues and an analysis of the ethicality and moral issues around the topic.

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"Cloning is one of the foremost thoughts on people's minds today. A clone is a group of genetically identical cells. The term clone also refers to a group of organisms that are genetically identical. Today science can clone an entire plant or animal, not just a group of cells. The process of cloning humans is currently being deemed unethical, but there are some in the scientific community that are in favor of this experimentation. A clone would look identical to its predecessor. All of the genes in the clone would also be the same but the application of these genes may be different. The clone would not have the same personality or mentality of his or her predecessor. Identical twins are clones of each other but they develop into two different people and are not considered to be the same. A person's clone would grow up differently and not be subjected to the exact same environment as it's predecessor, therefore so they may not be the same person except for in looks and genes. "

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