Barriers to Communications in International Companies Analytical Essay by Hans

An exploration of the issues faced by companies in creating effective communications in the international business environment.
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The paper specifically focuses upon the barriers to communications which exist for Western companies operating within the Far East region. The paper utilizes Hofstede's cultural model to analyse the fundamental cultural barriers to communications in the context of a Chinese case study. The paper considers how companies may reduce such barriers to communications from the cultural perspective and thus improve communications with both internal and external stakeholders.

From the Paper:

"Considering the barriers to communications which are encountered by companies operating within the international business environment, one may take negotiation within the Chinese business environment as a good case study example. In the first case, the country crossing to Hofstede's model presents one which is significantly different from any of the cultural models exhibited in Western countries. Secondly, business history has proved that where businesses have failed to take account of cultural differences in communications styles, these result can be a spectacular failure of an entire businesses entry into a market. On the other hand, where communications are planned and co-ordinated in conjunction with cultural sensitivities, business are capable of reaping the long term rewards of market entry even into a market with a culture as markedly different as those in the Far East in comparison to European or US cultural models.
"Ambler et al (2005) indicates that there are a number of cultural differences in the act of negotiations which take place in China as compared to Western versions of the same form of communication. Ambler et al (2005) points out that where such fundamental cultural considerations are either ignored or simply missed, this can often result in the long term business failure, not just the failure of the specific negotiation or communication."

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