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"Atlas Shrugged"
This paper analyzes the role of the protagonist Dagny Taggart in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged".
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This paper explains that the protagonists in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" are industrial geniuses, such as Dagny Taggart and great minds, such as Francisco D'Anconia, who are fighting against a society that doesn't want them but desperately needs them; the society and the government are the antagonists. The author points out that this book is about losing to win, which is a philosophy created by Ayn Rand, displayed by her characters and called objectivism, a system where each individual strives to be the best they can be and to profit themselves. The paper relates that feminists, who are sympathetic with the themes of Rand's literary work, say that Rand has created a rare female character, Dagny Taggart, on a par with any folk hero or medieval knight, but even sympathetic feminist readers have difficulty with Rand's seeming to define her female characters in terms of their relationships to their male counterparts as a derivative or dependent, if not subordinate.

From the Paper:

"For the adult Dagny, there are few men (individuals) in the world to whom she could submit or subordinate herself. As John Galt is following her into the long, dark, abandoned, granite tunnel of Taggart Transcontinental Railroad, Dagny chants to herself, "You will follow me." These words silently spoken are more a claim of right than a prayer, more a demand than a wish. Sensing that she is being followed, she moves even faster into the darkness, pulse beating rapidly, but unafraid. And then, despite Galt's "leashed intensity," the "harshness of his lips...down the line of her throat, leaving a trail of bruises and his elbow knocking her head aside," with "her teeth sinking into the flesh of his arm," there is less surrender than "worship of him.""

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