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Asia Resurfaces
This paper looks at Asian culture and discusses its role and importance in the modern world.
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In this article, the writer maintains that Asia has traditionally had a very thoughtful, custom-oriented culture that focused on the deeper aspects of selflessness in philosophy and religion and how those esoteric elements could be integrated into the way people lived their lives, and the way they perceived life. The writer discusses that the lack of understanding, or agreement, for the same values in the West, and the often ostensible disregard or resentment that the powers that be in the West showed through ignorance of these customs, has given Asia a unique perception of the world and by the world, which really just boils down to the strong and distinct cultural identity of Asia. The writer concludes that the dynamic of the Asian economy and culture has accompanied a global cultural shift that not only Asians can surely benefit from, but foreign investors and cooperators in the global market such as the U.S.

From the Paper:

" The difference manifested at the end of World War II, when the US called for all countries to follow its Democratic model for government implementation. Most countries simply followed, but that sense from Asia of the lack of respect or consideration for the Western interests of the deeper philosophies and spiritual leanings of what was perceived as cultural differences, and may be characterized so. The culture of Asia is perhaps more essential to the way of life, and more relevant in every day life, than any other culture in the world. The Asian identity has strong spiritual origins, from Buddhism to Hinduism, the two dominant religions in the regions, leading the western Judeo-Christian text-based countries continue to misunderstand, or misperceive due to lack of current information and lack of communication.:

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