Army for the Liberation of Rwanda Analytical Essay by Nicky

Army for the Liberation of Rwanda
Looks at the role of the Army for the Liberation of Rwanda (ALIR) in the genocidal wars in Rwanda.
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This paper first explains that the terrorist group, Army for the Liberation of Rwanda (ALIR), is a guerrilla insurgency that seeks to topple Rwanda's present Tutsi-dominated government, reinstitute Hutu-control, and complete the genocide of past wars. Next, the author describes the sources of this conflict, its history of horrible human tragedy and attempts to resolve the war. The paper concludes that, although Rwanda is most often thought of in terms of the genocide of 1994, the country is aiding its people in rebuilding their lives and even to reconcile with the Rwandan perpetrators.

Table of Contents:
Rwanda Demographic and Country Statistics
U.S. Designates Terrorist Groups
Terrorists Wreaked Havoc over Rwanda Citizens
Citizens Get Greater Protection
ALIR Strength
Fractured Force
ALIR Location of Operation and External Support
Rwanda's New Vision after Genocide

From the Paper:

"As both Rwandan government troops and ALIR terrorist forces have continued to confront each other since 2001in the eastern Congo, Human Rights Watch has called on both sides to give civilians greater protection. In contrast to previous combat in northwestern Rwanda where so many thousands of civilians were slain by both government army and rebel forces, the most recent episode inside Rwanda of the ongoing central African war cost relatively few civilian lives."

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