Are We Too Cool for the Classroom? Analytical Essay by Nicky

Are We Too Cool for the Classroom?
This paper discusses the influence of modern culture in the classroom, concentrating on the views of Mark Edmundson and Gloria Watkins, both teachers and authors.
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In this article, the writer discusses a trend appearing over the past several decades in the classroom and within the dynamic of teacher and student roles. The writer studies the beliefs of Mark Edmundson and Gloria Watkins, both of whom are of the opinion that teachers certainly need to connect with their students and make classrooms a gratifying experience. However, both also feel that many teachers are confusing education with entertainment in many ways and in order to be popular and affable they are not challenging students to learn and grow. The writer maintains that hence they may have become too cool for the classroom. The writer concludes that in the current era of political correctness and the feeling that children have suddenly become too sensitive to risk challenging, many teachers have taken the popular stance of familiarizing themselves with the new culture of making learning enjoyable, but to the extent that it may not challenge.

From the Paper:

"Teacher as the disembodied mind is the same as the role of doling out information for students to absorb, or not. There is often no real interaction in the classroom that sparks the mind of the student to think on his or her own.
"In an article that Edmunson wrote entitled, "How Teachers Can Stop Cheaters," he regards teachers as a primary cause for not making student think, or understand that what they are learning is important to their lives and not just their careers. He cites a rather famous teacher from the past in this regard..."

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