Arab Immigration to Europe Analytical Essay by johnnyoutsmart

Arab Immigration to Europe
An examination of the impact that Arab immigration has had on Europe, especially French culture.
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This paper explains that, while immigrants and ethnic minorities in France should be allowed to freely practice their religion and abide by their key cultural values, they should respect the national culture and abandon practices that threaten the national identity and culture of their new country. It argues that this should especially be the case when those practices are opposed to the French principles of equality, liberty, and secularism. This does not mean that immigrants or ethnic minorities are not allowed to practice their culture or respect their values and religious principles, but they should do so in a way that does not conflict with the values of the national culture of the country that they decided to immigrate to.

From the Paper:

"During the past decades, European countries opened their borders to immigrants from former colonies and Third World countries. They gave immigrants the opportunity to settle in these countries, gain citizenship and acquire economic and political benefits. However, few countries in Europe have been so generous to immigrants as France. Michel Gurfinkiel, the editor in chief of one of France's most popular conservative weekly magazines, Valeurs Actuelles, implies this in his article "Islam in France: The French Way of Life Is In Danger." As mentioned by Gurfinkiel, due to France's generous attitude towards immigrants, especially from its former colonies, almost one-fifth of the French population are immigrants or descendants of immigrants and 5,000,000 are Arab and Muslim (Gurfinkiel). For many in France, the "multiethnic" character of French society is endangering French culture (Gurfinkiel). Certainly, it is very easy to state that those who think that French culture is endangered by its immigrant population are exaggerating the issue. However, it is not an exaggeration because the French experiment of multiculturalism, according to the sociologist Wallace E. Lambert in "Assimilation vs. Multiculturalism: Views from a Community in France," has not been successful (389-390)."

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