Anthrax and the Vaccination Controversy Analytical Essay by scribbler

Evaluates the debate over the potential side-effects of the anthrax vaccination and the actual likelihood of an anthrax attack.
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The paper first identifies the central claims on both sides of the anthrax vaccine debate created by the mandate that all American soldiers and many civilian employees must be vaccinated to make troops temporarily immune to the biological warfare version of the anthrax disease. Next, the author reviews the medical implications of the anthrax condition, the realities concerning the vaccine and the ramifications of the military mandate that has foisted the anthrax discussion into the spotlight. Given the inflated claims of the relatively rare threat of anthrax in either weaponized or natural epidemic form, the risk of side-effects and the military's history of unethical testing practices on its own personnel, the paper refutes the need for and the stated safety of the mandatory anthrax vaccination policy in the military.

Table of Contents:
Literature Review

From the Paper:

"The Evans source goes on to elaborate on the history that the American military has of used its soldiers in order to prove drugs not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In Evans' perception, this is because the inherency of death during wartime denotes a sense of lowered stakes where the infliction of long-term health hazards and possible fatalities are concerned. To the point, Evens argues that "this logic meant that the troops were exposed to hazards and safety problems that wouldn't have been acceptable during peacetime or even during training. Before and during the Gulf War untested drugs were handed out like candy and everyone was shot-up with unproven vaccines." To Evans, there is a perceived likelihood of a connection between such drug programs and the prevalence of what is today simply referred to as Gulf War Syndrome. This is a collection of chronic respiratory and immunological disorders experienced by veterans of the particular war. That many soldiers attribute this to the military's mandatory untested drug programs helps to underscore the particular debate centering around the anthrax vaccine.
"Many soldiers and civil libertarians have been hostile toward mandatory anthrax vaccination on this very basis. According to Maier & Dettmer (2000), "so far about 487,098 military personnel have received 1.9 million doses of the vaccine."

Sample of Sources Used:

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