Ancient Seafloor Ridges Analytical Essay by Write Fine

Ancient Seafloor Ridges
Looks at Bowers Ridge and Shirshov Rise, two ancient seafloor ridges.
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Published on Mar 05, 2009 in Geology and Geophysics (Oceanography)

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This paper investigates if the ancient seafloor ridges, Shirshov Rise and Bowers Ridge, are features of old subduction zones or hotspot tracks. After reviewing four articles, the paper concludes that there still is much to be learned about the formation, age and tectonic truths of ancient seafloor ridges like Bowers and Shirshov. The paper indicates that the evidence points to these ridges having been formed by volcanic activity, such as hotspots and spreading, but, at this time, they are likely subduction zones.

Table of Contents:
Are the Shirshov Rise and Bowers Ridge Features Old Subduction Zones or Hotspot Tracks?
Article: "Shock Dynamics: Alaska" (
But, is Bowers Ridge An Old Subduction Zone?
Article: B. Steinberger et. al. "Plate-Tectonic Reconstructions Predict Part of the Hawaiian Hotspot Track to be Preserved in the Bering Sea"
What is the Hawaiian-Emperor Chain?
So are the Bowers and Shirshov Rises or Ridges Old Subduction Zones?
Article: D. Scholl. "Viewing the Tectonic Evolution of the Kamchatka-Aleutian (KAT) Connection with an Alaska Crustal Extrusion Perspective"
Article: B. Hubbard "The Disappearing Island"

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