Analyzing the "Right" Institutions in International Relations Analytical Essay by Elizabeth

Analyzing the "Right" Institutions in International Relations
A discussion and evaluation of institutions such as democracy and human rights and their applicability to international relations.
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If all countries had the right institutions, the world would be more peaceful, prosperous and just, but the institutions considered "right" do not necessarily have to be democracy, human rights and free markets. Evaluating international relations is difficult because each situation requires different institutions; however, history provides a reasonable basis for analysis. History suggests that the correction or elimination of troublesome institutions would greatly contribute to world stability and cooperation, but recognition of the "right" institutions to replace them proves difficult and arbitrary. This essay evaluates American ideals for international relations. It questions the universal appeal of democracy and other "right" institutions. It uses historical examples such as the two World Wars as case studies to support its claims.

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"In contrast, the institutions causing World War II could have been avoided more easily. World War II was largely the result of an inadequate conclusion to the war preceding it and growing institutions such as nationalism. The victorious countries of WWI were blinded by their pursuit of the "right" institutions such as democracy, so they inadvertently recharged international tension by thrusting a weak democratic republic on an unwilling German populace. In this case, the "right" institution would have been one that the Germans chose rather than necessarily requiring democracy. Also, the quest for an adequate balance of power had created poorly constructed boundaries between countries, often ignoring the nationalities of the inhabitants. These causes of friction led to unrest and the escalation of conflict to yet another World War."

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