Analyzing the Disney Film "Toy Story" Analytical Essay by Taylor

Analyzing the Disney Film "Toy Story"
An analysis of the film "Toy Story" directed by John Lasseter.
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"Directed by John Lasseter, Toy Story (1995) tells the story of a young boy's toys who come to life and have to deal with the change of the boy getting new toys and their move to a new house. His cowboy toy, Woody (Tom Hanks), feels threatened by a new toy, Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), because he is new and has more advanced technology, and fears that his owner, Andy (John Morris) will replace him with Buzz as his new "favorite toy". The story, told through Andy's toys' eyes, is about Woody and his struggle to keep the toys together for the move to a new house, to stay leader in their eyes, and to stay the best toy in Andy's eyes. We mostly see Woody and Buzz on an adventure slowly learning, understanding, and eventually accepting each other. This story telling is mostly told through dialogue, interspersed with music by Randy Newman. Randy Newman's soundtrack contributes significantly to representing the theme of friendship.
"In this animated film, the dialogue is mainly used to progress the overall narrative, such as the family's plan to move and the toy's general worries as toys. This can be seen in the toys' first "staff meeting". There is nothing but dialogue in this scene because it introduces the overlying storyline for the characters, which is Andy's family moving. It also establishes how big of a deal Andy's birthday is to the toys. There is only dialogue in this scene because it lets the audience see how concerned the toys are about these things, like getting lost during a move, being replaced by a new toy, and how much Andy cares about them. It was important to see how serious the toys take being Andy's toys, and that is why there is no music during this scene.
"There are sound effects during the entire movie because it is an animated film, and all the sounds had to be put in with the scene. This would be a huge task for a film because every element of every scene had to be created from scratch. These sound effects used for the toys are impressive because they really make the scene come to life. In the scene where they are "sending out the troops" to check out the toys Andy is getting for his birthday, the sound effects are really emphasized. We hear toy soldier marching foot steps, parachuting sounds, sliding down a jump rope, plastic toys sliding across the floor, plant rustling sounds, and turning on of a monitor and the static that comes with it. These sound effects are all sounds heard in real life, but they are synced with the actions of these toy soldiers. The life like sounds add to the fantasy of the toys coming to life and this is how all these actions would sound to them. It is like if we were kids playing with these toys, these are the sounds we might imagine."

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