Analysis of the Permissibility of Human Cloning Analytical Essay by Johnny

Analysis of the Permissibility of Human Cloning
A look at the moral questions around human cloning and public opinion about the issue.
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Published on Feb 16, 2003 in Engineering (Bioengineering) , Hot Topics (Cloning) , Ethics (General)

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A look at the moral questions around human cloning. The author discusses the effects of mass media on views of cloning, the the religious and scientific questions centered around the topic and the influence that cloning has on society as a whole.

Media Representation of Cloning
Uniqueness and Individuality
Motivations Behind Cloning
The Mad Scientist
Religion on Cloning
Is Cloning Permissible
Crossing the Line
Science and Religion
Unstoppable Science
Who is the Parent
The Dangers in Cloning.
Cellular Problems
A Twist on Creation
Medical OK Human-Cloning No Way
Government Regulations
Clone Animals Benefits Human.
The Human Factor
Being Human ? A Life Worth Living
Author?s Opinions
Work Cited

From the Paper:

"In the near future, we will have to face the fact that the course of science will always win and inevitability cloning of human or at least the cloning of organs will be performed. The question is "is cloning human beings acceptable and where do we draw the line?" Cloning has sparked controversies over the past few years. With the race to map the DNA and its completion, it has steered up the imagination of our society of what to come. In this paper, we will discus how the mass media has influenced our views and values associated with a human life and the possibility of it being cloned. We will also look at the religious point of view as well as the science on this issue. We will take a quick look on how cloning has and will affect society along with what it is to be human. This technology is still new and a lot the following will be opinions, ideas and reflections on this issue. One must take them into consideration. If one simply jumps to a conclusion, then one is fool hearted and naive since it is still too early to make such a decision whether it is permissible to clone to clone human beings. There is simply no right or wrong answer, just a matter of moral, ethics and what you believe in. For decades, cloning has been a novelty of science fiction movies but with the resent development in biotechnology and the arrival of Dolly the cloned sheep, the possibility of cloning a human being came ever so close to reality."

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