Analysis of Public Health Agency and its Effectiveness Analytical Essay by Nicky

Analysis of Public Health Agency and its Effectiveness
This essay explores the tasks of the Committee on Assuring the Health of the Public, as well as challenges facing the committee, to discuss whether the Committee can be successful in treating public health concerns.
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This essay discusses issues surrounding the Committee on Assuring the Health of the Public, an agency whose goal is to move the task for caring for the public's health from the federal government into the hands of local, state and tribal governments. The essay explores the numerous challenges facing the Committee to find whether the Committee can be successful. The paper finds that without the proper education provided by Committee programs, the public may fail to recognize risks that could lead to shorter lives, thus the Committee programs are both necessary and successful. The paper also suggests that local pharmacists need to take a larger role in preventing diseases among high-risk populations.

From the Paper:

"Because of these challenges, it seems unrealistic that a single government agency alone can cater to the needs of the public for the sake of his health. The maintenance of public health requires interplay of other sectors in the society, such as the business, research groups, communities, employers, the media, and various public and private social institutions. Furthermore, the Committee's report enlisted six goals that should be fulfilled to protect public health. First, the population and their environment must be described in order to further understand their needs, strengths, and inadequacies. Second, the government's system in health care must be readily organized, modified, and realized. Third, encourage partnerships to form among sectors in the society for an effective health care delivery especially for those who are deprived. Fourth, develop systems of accountability to assure the public of a high quality health care system. Fifth, provide rationale for decisions to be made in terms of health care delivery. Sixth, the committee emphasizes on the need to enhance and facilitate communication within the public health system (Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (2002)."

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