Analysis of a News Article Analytical Essay

Analysis of a News Article
An analysis of a news item on a natural catastrophe and its resultant sufferings to millions of people.
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This paper refers to the cyclone Nargis that shattered the coastline of Burma. The analysis on written discourse is an examination of a written text of a news item along with three related images pertaining to a news headline of a leading daily newspaper about this natural catastrophe and its resultant sufferings to millions of people. The text and the images have been analyzed to explain how the relationship between the text and the images dynamically creates a better understanding of the excruciating issues involved and the intensity of human suffering caused by the devastation. The paper also includes tables of explanation and a diagram.

Interpersonal meaning
Ideational meaning
Textual meaning
Orientational Meaning

From the Paper:

''In the society that we live in there is always a tendency for people to develop a conventional pattern of achieving common purposes. These conventional ways of doing things are called genres (Martin and Rose 2003.7). In the kind of cultural environment that we live in most of us are not aware that we are already following a particular genre (Ken Hyland, Metadiscourse: Exploring Interaction in Writing). However when there is a cultural change, new conventions for various social acts have to be worked out by trial and error methods, which ultimately have to be culturally evolved. Specifically our text belongs to the family of genres called 'story genres' as it includes narratives and recounts. There is also indication of enabling genre as we get an idea of what to do and how to do things to bring relief to an already shattered Burmese economy and under the prevalent circumstances of the devastating cyclone. The purpose of this genre is to chronicle the sequence of events in different stages of headline, lead, lead development and final wrap up. The images too give in sequence an idea of the damages. The image A clearly informs about the massive losses due to the cyclone to the business and economy represented by the damaged and broken ships, which obviously are the backbone of that economy. Image B recounts the suffering of the people by way of extreme shortage of basic necessities while Image C gives an account of the sufferings of children which is all clearly evident from their expressions and body language. While examining ideational meaning, we can compare our three images to construe the meaning being conveyed in the context of the event being depicted therein. We can construe that the participants are people desperately in need of essential services such as water and food, children living in dilapidated surroundings with suffering of diseases and lack of proper care. The processes involve constant search to fulfill basic needs and the efforts to salvage whatever is possible from the ruins. Circumstances are indeed unfavorable with the shortage of essential things showing no signs of abating.''

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