An Overview of Environmental Ethical Issues Analytical Essay by Nicky

An Overview of Environmental Ethical Issues
This essay provides an overview of environmental ethics issues, specifically regarding sustainability and what must be preserved for the health of future generations.
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This essay discusses important issues in environmental ethics. It gives an overview of three important environmental laws throughout history: everything in nature is interlinked and dependent on each other, all environmental factors and elements react directly or indirectly to human activity and that nature's intricacy and multiplicity is the source of its consistency, protection and elasticity. The essay asks the following question: If every human action has an environmental reaction, what must be done to preserve the environment for future generations? The essay finds that to achieve a standard in environmental preservation, clear indicators must be specified on what must be constant. Further, the essay finds that what must be constant for future generations are the current accommodations, basic necessities of food, water and clothing, biodiversity, health and medical systems and pure environmental setups.

From the Paper:

"The end results of studying environmental ethics in the light of the aforementioned laws are the creation of the imperative of sustainability and a precautionary principle. By imperative of sustainability, it simply means that the future trends and precautions are recognized and understood for an extended period of time after analyzing the current trends of the environment and social structures as a whole. So simply put, the imperative of sustainability is a long-term plan designed following current trends."

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