An Overview of Climate Change Analytical Essay by Nicky

An Overview of Climate Change
An analytical overview of the causes and effects of climate change, as opposed to global warming.
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This paper focuses on global warming and climate change, their causes and effects, and the qualities that distinguish them from each other. As more and better machineries are being developed to ease our everyday chores, but also to make our leisure time more pleasurable, the paper notes, the most important negative impact has been felt by our natural environment. The paper asserts that to effectively approach the matter of climate change, it is vital to make a distinction between climate change and global warming. The paper explains that climate change refers to a process expanded through long periods of time in which the Earth's natural conditions suffer modifications, while global warming is part of the larger concept of climate change and refers to the specific situation in which the Earth's temperatures increase, generally due to increased emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities.

Climate Change
Global Warming
Conclusions and Recommendations

From the Paper:

"Another cause, however, generally associated with the contemporaneous era, was the emission of greenhouse gases. These would be released into the atmosphere when changes occurred in the Earth's temperature. To better understand, higher temperatures mean that the oceans release carbon dioxide which increases the concentration of the greenhouse gases. On the other hand, cooler periods imply that the oceans attract higher levels of carbon dioxide, leading to a reduced concentration of the greenhouse gases. During glacial periods for instance, high levels of carbon dioxide have been observed, whereas these levels were significantly lower during warmer periods. The final cause of past climate changes revolves around modifications in ocean currents, which occur when modifications occur in the Earth's temperature. Oceans can impact climate change as they distribute heat across the globe (United States Environmental Protection Agency)."

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