An Analysis of the Qing Dynasty Analytical Essay by Nicky

An Analysis of the Qing Dynasty
The paper discusses the Qing Dynasty that ruled China from 1644 until 1912.
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The Qing Dynasty was the last imperial regime and during its rule, China went through a major transition from the traditional to modern-day Chinese life. The paper examines the Qing Dynasty and examines the methods used to expand its control over ever increasing areas of China and its neighbors. The paper also examines the dynasty's political and commercial relations with other states and its sinocentric" policy where it considered itself the center of the world. The paper also briefly looks at the factors that brought about the downfall of the dynasty and the opening of China to the outside world.

From the Paper:

"Today, visitors from all over the world are amazed to see the Great Wall of China. They talk about its remarkable distance of over 2,100 miles and the scores of years that it took to complete it at the cost of how many people. Yet, the wall is much more than bricks and mortar. It is symbol of China's blocking out the outside world and isolating itself against the West. During the Qing Dynasty, the empire isolated itself from the rest of the world because of its initial strategy to maintain much of the Ming structure and its resulting ethnocentric view of the world and tributary system, the need to keep its multi-ethnic nation whole, and the focus on the safety, wealth and prosperity of its people through barriers against infiltrating foreign powers. Wearing these ethnocentric blinders eventually led to the Qing regimes' decline as the European powers came into the country with a very different mindset."

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