An Analysis of Gender Differences in Communication Analytical Essay by joanne

An Analysis of Gender Differences in Communication
An exploration of the differences between the way men and women communicate, the roots of this communication and ways to communicate effectively together.
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This paper explores the differences in verbal and nonverbal communication between men and women. It explains the roots of these differences and how to alleviate the gender communication crisis.

From the Paper:

"Do you ever wonder if men and women inhabit different planets? Can men and women be categorized into separate semantic types? Almost everyone would acknowledge that men and women have differences in the way they communicate. The question is: how different are they? Are they so different that the two groups are necessarily polarized to extreme ends of the communication spectrum? This question continues to baffle psychologists, relationship experts and the general public. Some would say that the differences are so minute that the issue is not worth debating. On the other side of the fence, the belief is that these differences are too great that men and women can indeed be confined to opposite poles. John Gray, author of the best-selling book, Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus certainly believes in the latter. According to Gray, men and women are so different in the way they communicate that it is only logical to believe that they originate from entirely different planets (Gray 5)."

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