America and War Analytical Essay

America and War
This paper looks at how America engages in war and discusses its theory and practice of war, now and in the future.
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In this article, the writer notes that from the dawn of man, individuals have been involved in human drama and conflict. The writer discusses that prior to the 20th century, battles were fought with "primitive" weaponry, however, during World War I and II, America utilized tanks, bombs, and hand-to-hand combat to engage in war. The writer then points out that with the advent of the Vietnam War, there was a resurgence of a so-called "primitive" method of fighting, guerilla warfare, which has been the method of engagement in such locations as Iraq and Afghanistan in recent times. The writer maintains that although modern military technology has changed the nature of war, hand-to-hand combat or guerilla warfare still appears to be the wave of the future. The writer concludes that today, modern wars are much more expensive than those conducted in the past, and the chances of economic collapse are greater with reconstruction impossibly expensive. Therefore, now and in the future, battles will be fought face to face, hand to hand, while nuclear war will remain a looming threat that should never be used.

Nature of War in the 21st Century

From the Paper:

"No longer are vast armies clashing on battlefields, as the battlefield is now urban centers and highly populated areas. Along with guerilla warfare, the U.S. must continue to use full-scale firepower to be completely successful in future wars. As stated, however, it appears that guerilla warfare and hand-to-hand combat will be the dominant method of fighting now and in the future. If the U.S. and other countries were to resort to other more aggressive means of war, such as nuclear or atomic bombs, there would likely be no recovering from such overwhelming attacks, and the world would be left devastated and damaged forever."

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