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Alcoholism and Family
This paper looks at the effects of alcoholism on family life.
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In this article, the writer discusses that alcoholism is a bane to modern society, damaging those who choose, or from the alternate perspective are victimized, by the evils of alcohol damage. The writer maintains that alcoholism is an illness which numbers more than 4 million American adults amongst its victims, and is also responsible for a vast amount of related human suffering. The writer discusses that alcoholism has negative effects upon family and marriage and a direct effect upon the number of car accidents and fatalities each year, as well as the rate of violence. Considering the evils of such a substance, The writer maintains that it is of importance to study the situation from all angles, including that of causation, as well as effect. The writer concludes that through an adequate understanding as to how the illness affects the lives of those who directly use it and indirectly those around them, insight is gained as to how to solve the problem.

Effects of Alcoholism
Alcoholism and Marriage
Alcoholism and Family
Catholic Perspective on Alcoholism

From the Paper:

"Alcoholism not only affects the person's health, but also their economic status and level of achievability. If an individual loses their employment, health suffers due to lack of insurance, and a decrease in the overall quality of consumption. These decreased in consumption, when considered from afar, is considerable upon the economy, as stated above there are over 4 million, a meager estimate, alcoholics in the United States, which are essentially all individuals not living up to their economic potential, damaging the overall functioning of society. However, alcoholism does not merely affect the individual caught within its grips, it affects those around them.
"To consider alcohol and its effects, the individuals closely associated with the alcoholics must also be considered. Initially the family from which the alcoholic descends will have an effect upon their attitudes, behavior, and action in regards to alcohol, as well as those around them in the independent situation of life. "

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