Albania: History and Overview Analytical Essay by Nicky

Albania: History and Overview
A description of Albania's history and culture.
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This paper describes the struggles faced by the modern nation of Albania, from it's burgeoning independence movement before World War I until today. The author's tone is sympathetic toward the challenges this small Balkan state has endured as it strives to establish its place among the world community. Various problems that Albania has had to face following World War I are highlighted, such as being under-developed in terms of health, education, and industry. Additionally the author discussed how Albania has risen to the challenge of improving it's infrastructure and how potential membership in NATO and the EU would also improve its economic stability. The paper concludes by stating that despite its considerable challenges, Albania is considered a helpful partner in the world community today, especially towards the major Western powers.

From the Paper:

"Yet after the end of World War I, the nation of Albania struggled. Despite its will to be independent, it lacked many of the qualities needed to be a fully functional, modern player in the world community. "About 90 percent of the country's peasants practiced subsistence agriculture, using ancient methods and tools, such as wooden plows. Much of the country's richest farmland lay under water in malaria-infested coastal marshlands. Albania lacked a banking system, a railroad, a modern port, an efficient military, a university, or a modern press. The Albanians had Europe's highest birthrate and infant mortality rate, and life expectancy for men was about thirty-eight years ("Social and economic conditions after World War I," 2005, Library of Congress). It was easily conquered by Italy in 1939. After the end of World War II, independent communist partisans occupied the country, first allying with the USSR (until 1960), and then with China until 1978. The nation grew closely allied with Tito's Yugoslavia, another technically communist, but largely left-wing independent nation that managed to elude the direct control of Moscow or Beijing ("Albania," 2008, CIA Factbook)."

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