African Women, Culture and the Impact of Islam and Europe Analytical Essay by Top Papers

African Women, Culture and the Impact of Islam and Europe
This paper looks at the impact of Islam and Europe on African women and their historical roles in the African culture.
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"In this article, the writer notes that the people of Africa once existed in a society in which there was equality among men and women. However, the writer points out that with the rising influence of the Islamic and European cultures in Africa, the concept of equality began to be altered significantly. The writer discusses that with these two cultural infusions into Africa existed for so long and with such force that African males began to accept the customs that were associated with the Islamic and European people.

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"Part of this cultural acceptance was the view that women were lesser beings than men and that men were responsible for controlling them. In relation to Islam this change in the view of women occurred because of gender. However, as the Europeans began to make their presence known in Africa, the shift in ideas about women and their place in the social order was affected by both their gender and the color of their skin. Therefore, the impact on women in Africa was felt through a change in both cultural and personal identities that was caused by the presence of people from other lands. This has been a change that African women have endured to the present day. Prior to the colonial period in Africa women held a place in society that was equal to the role of men and viewed as one of parallel importance. In many communities women and men worked next to each other in accomplishing the tasks that were required for their survival, while in other communities the distribution of tasks was viewed as a necessity rather than a division based on gender. "

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