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Advertising Campaign Outline
The paper outlines a suggested advertising campaign for a children's toaster pastry - Kellogg's Pop Tarts.
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Kellogg's Pop Tarts are a toasted form of breakfast pastry. Pop Tarts come in a variety of flavors, from fruit flavors to chocolate and S'mores varieties. In the wake of increased competition from a number of other toaster pastry products as well as children's cereal products, which are increasingly being packaged in 'on the go' types of formats, the author of the paper suggests and outlines an advertising campaign designed to boost consumer awareness of the product and increase sales.

Name of Product
Name of Product and Brand
Brief description of the product/ brand
Brief description of competition
Description of the target market in some detail
Behavior of Product buyer/ user
Media Selected
Justification for the media selection
Media Costs
Justification of copy or lack of copy
Body Copy
Symbols/ Metaphors/ Figures of Speech
Justification of layout/ design
Overall layout
Unity/ Balance/ Informal Balance
Color/ Shape/ Symbols
Works Cited

From the Paper:

"The market for any children's product is always somewhat difficult to define, for it encompasses both the child and the child's parents. Although children technically do not hold the purse strings in a household, the amount of money advertisers spend marketing to children is estimated at $15 billion dollars per year ("Facts about marketing to children," 2008, New American Dream). Foods such as Pop Tarts, which are high in sugar but taste good usually rely upon the crucial 'nag factor' whereby the child nags the parent to make the purchase. Parents who feel guilty because they are unable to make elaborate breakfasts for their children may also feel motivated to buy Pop Tarts for reasons in addition to their susceptibility to the 'nag factor.' Some nostalgic and time-pressed adults may turn to Pop Tarts as quick, convenient comfort breakfast or snacking food."

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