Advance Gay and Lesbian Freedom by Allowing Adoption of Children Analytical Essay

Advance Gay and Lesbian Freedom by Allowing Adoption of Children
This paper discusses that human rights can be expanded by fully allowing the adoption of children by gay and lesbian individuals.
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In this article, the writer maintains that not all individuals are allowed to fully exercise their freedom in the United States of America. Through the decades, increased freedom and equality have been established for women, African Americans, immigrants, children, and more recently homosexuals. The writer discusses that although the United States has grown tremendously from its original suppressive ways, complete equality has still not been achieved. An issue that is not often in the spotlight is gay and lesbian adoption of children. A clear lack of freedom is present for these individuals. The writer argues that finding and implementing a solution to satisfy this freedom will bring the United States of America a large step closer to full equality.

Executive Summary
Context and Importance of the Problem
Policy Recommendations
Policy Implementation

From the Paper:

"Fact is that the states forbidding the adoption of children to homosexual couples and individuals have no reason for the prohibition. Implementing a policy where all states would be required to allow gay and lesbian adoptions would be ideal, though not realistically feasible. Justification for the exclusion of gay and lesbian adoption should be mandatory for each state that decides to do so. With this idea, each state will continue to have its own freedom without being restricted to obey an overarching Federal law. If these states are set on their law of banning same-sex adoption of children, then just reasoning should be present. If no explanation is available, the validity of the law itself should absolutely be questioned. Preventing states from prohibiting same-sex adoptions is at the moment an unrealistic goal, especially considering the sizeable conflict and debate over the thought of homosexuality itself. I believe the states that completely rule out homosexual adoption and other who considers sexual orientation in the adoption process will have extreme difficulty in finding justification for their decision. The most common grounds for argument against homosexuality are based off of religious beliefs. With this is mind, it will be especially difficult to maintain a separation of church and state."

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