Adolescent Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use Analytical Essay by Nicky

A review and analysis of the literature on the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco by adolescents in the United States.
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The paper reviews and analyzes several articles, studies and
statistics on the frequency of drug and alcohol use among youth in the U.S. The paper then briefly looks at the literature on the prevention of alcohol and drug use by adolescents.

Literature Review - Data and Research on Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Use
Literature Review - Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Use by Adolescents

From the Paper:

"What is the frequency of drug and alcohol use among youth in the US? According to the National Center for Disease Control (CDC) alcohol is used by "more young people" in the US than "illicit drugs" or tobacco (wwwcdcgov). In fact the CDC asserts that in 2007, data shows that 45% of high school students in the US use alcohol regularly and 26% of high school students reported "episodic heavy or binge drinking" (wwwcdcgov). Some 11% of high school students admitted to driving after having consumed alcohol within the 30 days previous to the survey in 2007, and 29% reported riding in a car driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol in the previous 30 days."

Sample of Sources Used:

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