A Principal's Role in Teacher Evaluations Analytical Essay

Analyzes the positives and drawbacks of a principal involvement in teacher performance evaluations.
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Published on Aug 22, 2012 in Education (Administration) , Business (Human Resources) , Labor Studies (General)

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This paper underscores that the most important reason why a principal must be an effective evaluator is to determine the effectiveness of the school's teaching staff. Next, the author indicates that the arguments supporting teacher performance evaluations by principals are that the quality of teaching is the core of the education system and that performance is linked to pay increases. On the other hand, drawbacks to these evaluations include this linkage to pay within budgetary constraints, the administration and personnel costs, the potential for bias, issues with the teachers' union and the scapegoating of teachers as the cause of problems within the system. The paper suggests alternative methods of evaluation.

Table of Contents:
Arguments in Favor of Performance Evaluations
Teacher Quality
Positive Performance through Linked Pay Increases
Drawbacks to Linking Pay Increases to Positive Teacher Evaluations
Expensive Administrative and Personnel Costs
Potential for Bias in the Evaluation System
Teachers as "Scapegoats" for America's Education Crisis
Stand by Me: What Teachers Really Think about Unions, Merit Pay and Other Professional Matters
Alternate Methods of Teacher Evaluation

From the Paper:

"But personnel evaluation, from the performance of instructional aides to custodians to speech therapists, is a highly sensitive arena that requires extreme care. Such evaluations must, at all times, be both educationally sound and legally defensible. This means that they must be directed to improvement of the learner interests of the school, while simultaneously being capable of withstanding the most severe legal scrutiny. Here, it is important to insert a reminder that principals must document all staff improvement activity--institutional compliance, remediation or professional growth---because of the necessity of showing all supervisory attempts at helping employees improve... In order to be most effective, assessment must be aligned with an adequate professional development program... Teacher evaluation is a legal activity primarily because of its relationship to teacher tenure statutes. As such, it must be approached with the non-punitive intention of improving the quality of teaching and learning in classrooms. The improvement mandate means that each teacher shortcoming noted by a principal must be accompanied by a specific, pointed recommendation for improvement... The process is one of teaching teachers and other staff members prior to and during the evaluation cycle---in staff improvement activities as well as preobservational and postobservational activities, all of which require documentation."

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