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A Molson Beer Advertisement: "I am Canadian"
An analysis of the Molson Beer advertisement "I am Canadian" with regards to advertising strategy.
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This paper examines advertising and the art of persuasion used in the Molson Beer advertisement "I am Canadian". It asserts that beer advertisements typically employ a marketing campaign that uses sexual innuendo, such as pretty girls to sell their products. It points out however, that the Molson beer ad uses a different mechanism, which centers on nationalism and cultural determinism, rather than on the common persuasive tool of sex to market the product. The paper concludes that the ad's strong emotional appeal, embedded within a social and cultural context, makes for extremely unique and effective advertising.

Defining the Target Audiences
Molson Beer Advertisement: Style, Appeal, and Strategy
Relationship Between Verbal and Visual Content
Meaning and Value in the "I Am a Canadian" Ad
Prevalent Symbols Displayed in the Ad
The Role of the Molson Ad
Emotional and Intellectual Appeal of the Ad
Crucial Aspects of the Molson Canadian Advertisement
Building Relationships and Trust with the Consumer
Is the Ad Memorable?

From the Paper:

"The Molson ad was in the form of a rant, which added to its overall success. The verbal style of the ad was to outline some of the major facets of Canadian culture and present them as something that individuals should feel proud of. It is interesting to note that the ad also focused on stereotypes of Canadians by Americans, and focused on dispelling some of these myths. There was also, the presentation of issues surrounding American lifestyle, and a comparison of how Canadians supposedly completed these actions differently and more effectively. Lines like "I believe in peace keeping, NOT policing. DIVERSITY, NOT assimilation", posit to the fact that the ad was trying to show the clear difference between the two cultures and was trying to evoke a sense of national pride with these statements."

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