A Male Initiation Rite into the Masquerade Cult Analytical Essay

A Male Initiation Rite into the Masquerade Cult
Looks at Ima Mmuo, a male initiation rite into the masquerade cult of the African Igbo people, and compares it to the Christian "New Birth" concept.
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This paper explains that Ima Mmuo, also called the "Male Initiation Rite", is a coming of age ceremony to celebration the recognition and the assuming of responsibilities of an Igbo youth as an adult member of the community. Next, the author details why and how the Ima Mmuo is done. The paper describes the Christian "New Birth" and reviews the disparities and parallels between this concept and the Ima Mmuo initiation. The paper includes a chart and footnotes.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
Ima Mmuo What Is It?
Ima Mmuo Why Is It Done?
Ima Mmuo How Is It Done?
Requirements for This Initiation
Few Hours before Initiation
The Initiation Proper
After Initiation
An Analogy of "Ima Mmuo" Initiation and the Christian New Birth

From the Paper:

"The interested novice(s) has to start this process by communicating their interest to some members of the cult, who eventually will direct them to the "Nne Mmuo" (mother of the spirit), who is often not literary known or seen but represented by an "Okenye" (elder) who is known to everybody. The registration is done at the Nne Mmuo's house via Okenye's endorsement. And for this registration to kick-off, the aspiring member(s) is/are required to provide the following for the initiation ritual: Four/five bottles of beer (or the money equivalent),
seven kola nuts, acertain quantity of breadfruit, one coconut, ..."

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