A Look at Conspiracy Theories Analytical Essay

A Look at Conspiracy Theories
A brief discussion on conspiracy theories and the role they play in society.
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Published on May 26, 2015

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From the Paper:

"In modern times, the term "conspiracy theory" carries the connotation of "whackjob," "ignorant," and even "uncivilized." At least, that's the connotation - the underlying truth dwells in a wider grey area than anyone ever suspects. A conspiracy theory is just that - a theory about a conspiracy, or a plot to commit a crime. Some have been proven to be accurate, while others have fallen just short of a myth, and still others lack enough evidence to be cleared in either direction - yet. Conspiracy theories highlight the differences between two of our nation's polar opposite groups - Right-wing and Left-wing political beliefs, and Urban and Rural citizens.
"A few popular examples of conspiracy theories include the President John F. Kennedy Assassination, the Roswell, NM/Area 51 alien landings, and the New World Order, each coming in many different incantations with a few similarities. The JFK assassination involves a second shooter, never caught, and that the President was assassinated by the Central Intelligence Agency. The Roswell theories usually include an alien spacecraft landing on a ranch in New Mexico, while the U.S. Air Force covers it up as a "weather balloon" test. The New World Order theory varies based on political orientation, religious creed, and other subcultural nuances, but revolves around a group of shady, elite, businessmen who manipulate the happenings of world events for their own benefit.
"The phrase "conspiracy theory" first came to light in 1909, according to Merriam-Webster, appearing in an article from The American Historical Review. The phrase was used fairly neutrally until the assassination of President Kennedy. Conspiracy theories were ubiquitous for a time after this event, as everyone had their own hypothesis or snippet of the many rabid rumors. However, they soon left popular culture, and were more of a bore than anything else."

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