A Fair Justice System? Analytical Essay by ABCs

A Fair Justice System?
An argument that despite the massive numbers of minority prisoners, the majority of judges in the United States are white males.
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The paper reveals the statistics that show large discrepancies between minority and white prison percentages within the United States. The paper further reveals that minority prisoners have a higher rate of recidivism as well. The paper discusses how despite the massive numbers of minority prisoners within federal and state prisons, most judges today are white. The paper maintains that this a representation of the paradoxal circumstance between social institutions and true justice.

From the Paper:

"African Americans take up 30% of federal, and 46% of state prison bed, (Winslow, 2000). This is mainly associated with high unemployment rates within the African American community in overpopulated cities within urban areas. Almost half of the average state prison inmates are African American. Additionally, around 10.4% of all African American males in the entire United States between 25 and 29 years of age were in prison, (Winslow, 2000). Latino inmates have also had a more recent influx of populations within prison walls, both federal and state. Around 28% of federal inmates are Latino, with a state average with 17%, (Winslow, 2000). This is also accompanied with high poverty rates doubled with high unemployment."

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