20th Century American Science and Technology in Literature Analytical Essay by pub3920

20th Century American Science and Technology in Literature
Discusses modern science and technology as seen in "Brave New World", "Player Piano" and "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court".
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This paper shows that during the early twentieth century, three writers were aware of the changing forces within American society due to its rapid industrialism and chose to expose the evils of many accepted values. Aldous Huxley, in his novel "Brave New World", presents a dystopia in which he shows what a future that is the culmination of certain aspects of the twentieth century would be like. The paper shows that in a similar fashion, Kurt Vonnegut in "Player Piano" depicts a futuristic American society which has been divided into two distinct social classes: those who run the factories and those who do not. The third novel, Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee At King Arthur's Court" is clearly a satire of early twentieth century American values. The paper shows that these three commentaries on American society and industrialism reveal many of the ideologies inherent with the rapid industrialism of the United States.

From the Paper:

"In A Connecticut Yankee At King Arthur's Court, Hank Morgan tries to stabilize his new society through the intervention of technology. He believes that since he is an American, he can invent any technology necessary out of any means in order to better his life. He prides himself on his inventiveness and says he owes it all to his American culture. Hank Morgan is a self-made man, an American symbol of a man with energy and the know-how to improve his life. He is the incarnation of an insightful individual who knew his own mind, had places to go, and the means to get there using his own ingenuity. Hank prides himself on his ability to control and even create the world around him. His superior feelings for himself and American culture were shared by many during the early days of industrialism in the United States. Twain simply incorporates these notions into the plot of his story."

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