Visual and Audio Communication: A Video Analysis Admission Essay

Visual and Audio Communication: A Video Analysis
A critique of the visual and audio communication issues in a YouTube video, "Lost In Translation".
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Published on Jun 16, 2014 in Communication (Language and Speech)

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"Visual and audio communication: Visual communication is a type of communication, which is aided by visuals. Information is passed out in a form that can looked upon, or read, thus making it vision reliant communication. A good visual communication is based on measuring the audience's comprehension. Audio communication on the other hand is a way of passing information in a way that produces warning messages by voice alerts. It also comprises all the types of audio files, which can use automated systems to pass information through production of sound (Murphy, & Hildebrandt, 45).
"Overall impression and vivid memories from the video: From the video, the clear impression is that; someone on the line transmission link was making a distress call, but the communication was not very clear to the recipient. Furthermore, the recipient of the message was not attentive throughout the communication process, which made him miss the intended message. The vivid memories I have from the video is two gentlemen joking around at work, also the person who was making the distress call did not get any assistance, and the vessel that the sender of the message was in sunk at last.
"Message decoding by the recipient: Based on the video, the audience; in this case the message receiver in the video, performed poorly in decoding the message. The receiver did not show enough attention in the process of decoding the message. Lack of attention is the one of the most common barriers of communication (Murphy & Hildebrandt, 65). Another attribution of poor encoding in the video is because of unclear message. The transmission link was constantly being interrupted by some sharp noise making it hard for the recipient to clearly hear the audio message. Language interpretation and understanding was another barrier of communication that the recipient of the message encountered. The recipient was not well conversant with the English language, which made him misunderstand the word "sink" for "think". In addition, the recipient of the message had poor listening skills, as shown in the process of receiving the call. For effective message encoding, the recipient must pay attention, hear the words clearly, understand the message so that that he/she can interpret and give out the correct feedback."

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