Understanding Well-being and Adult Development Admission Essay

Understanding Well-being and Adult Development
A review of the theories on loss and bereavement and the achievement of well-being.
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Published on Oct 06, 2015

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"Wellbeing is being in a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy (Collins Pocket English Dictionary, 2000).Sometimes wellbeing can be diminished by the effects of grief and loss. There are a few steps which can help again improve a person's wellbeing. The Mind Organisation (New Economics Foundation, 2013) has introduced five steps to help promote wellbeing, the first is connecting with people. Secondly is being active. Then exercising, as it reduces anxiety and depression. Next is taking note of the world around you, this way the person can appreciate the little things in life. After this is continued development, continuing to learn new things throughout your life, this enhances your self-worth and self- esteem. Finally, giving. Giving to others and participating in social and community life, helping others will in turn help yourself achieve wellbeing. Wellbeing is important as when a person is in a state of wellbeing they will feel more confident and able to confront their grief or bereavement, as they will be in a better place to do so.
"A person's wellbeing can also become compromised during a time of grief or bereavement. Elisabeth Kubler Ross (Berk, 2010) produced a theory, which has been adapted to show how people deal with loss and bereavement and what the healthcare professionals should do to try and support them and promote their wellbeing.
"The first stage is denial, during this stage the service user fails to accept the seriousness of their illness, due to them still feeling well. It is suggested that during this stage the family members and health professionals should encourage the service user to accept the truth (so they do not prolong this stage). "

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