Strategic Marketing plan of Glaceau Smartwater Admission Essay

Strategic Marketing plan of Glaceau Smartwater
A strategic marketing plan for Glaceau Smartwater.
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Published on Mar 30, 2015

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"Glaceau is a brand that is privately owned by Coca Cola Company. It produces a range of product such as such as smart water, vitamin water and Fruit water. Glaceau has different other water products from various companies in different features such as the appearance, packaging, labels, and ingredients. Glaceau intends to deliver nutrients in beverages to meet the needs of its customers. The company uses bottles that are pretty colorful and this attracts many customers especially young generation (TSAI 2012).
"Glaceau is High quality Brand: Considering the stimulating factors for the increasing market share of the vitamin water, Glaceau penetrates new markets easily because it gives its consumers healthy and preferred taste products. Present market trends such as new packaging, huge marketing efforts and advancement of new products have boasted specific market of the products which have flavored bottled water. Bottled water products have become more popular because of contents such as herbal extracts, minerals, caffeine, sweeteners, flavors and colors. People have accepted and appreciated the bottled water because of the benefits of water in the body. Bottled water is considered to have health benefits than tap water which tend to be contaminated (Pride ferrell 2010).
"Summary: In the past eight years, the total sales of the energy water beverages have steadily increased. Water enriched with vitamin is preferred mostly by individuals with health problems. Glaceau brand produces eleven flavors that are mixed with vitamins and natural ingredients. The brand strategically places itself on a competitive edge by producing traditional type sports drinks, bottled water and flavored waters and sports drinks. Internationally, the brand is accepted as simply a different type of improved bottled water. There are more than 500 types of energy drinks and red bull is considered the best in the market posting sales of almost 42.7%. In 2012, the spiced bottled water represented 51 percent of the entire bottled water drinks promotions in North America (TSAI 2012). Glaceau Added a new product known as Stur-D in vitamin water which increased the profit margins as it comprised 120 percent of Vitamin C required for the body to manufacture the collagen required for supporting body joints. Glaceau water brand with vitamin is the main product in the group because it targets fitness customers and energy drink customers at the same time. Though, the enriched bottled water products are recording increase in revenues and sales, but there are few problems that Glaceau encounters and should be solved to make the best resolution of future marketing strategy (PRIDE FERRELL 2010)."

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