Business Ethics Case Study Admission Essay

Business Ethics Case Study
An analysis of a business ethics scenario.
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Published on Feb 08, 2015

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"Human beings are a social being. Their interaction is among the highest of all living creatures in the planet. It is only through interaction that human beings are able to develop and become sustainable as a race. However, because of social groupings and the unique difference in thought, the interaction has to be gauged to fit a specific set of rules that will be set to avoid conflict.
"Ethics can be seen in two main aspects. Ethics refers to a well founded standard of what is deemed socially right and wrong; and also to the study of and development of ethical standards to be adhered to. Ethics considers aspects like feelings, laws, and the social norms, benefits to society, rights and virtues followed by society .
"The Goal of ethical theory is to generally provide a system of how we should behave while conducting any activity with each other, and society as a whole . Ethical theory also covers interaction in business activities. Business ethics is the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world. The ethics of a particular business can be diverse. They apply not only to how the business interacts with the world, but also with a single customer. It is often viewed that business ethics is bad for the profitability of a business.
"The case scenario features two companies: Specialty Fleet Services(SFS) and Armadillo gas and Power. Specialty Fleet is a fictional company that has come up with a new online system that provides customized support to its clients by using GPS enabled modules in every truck. The modules provide data about the vehicle such as miles travelled, fuel efficiency and the driver's behavior in real time. Armadillo Gas and Power Company is a gas and power distribution company. SFS would like to sell the new online system to Armadillo through its sales team. In order to make this possible, an individual from the SFS sales team devices a plan to lure the manager of Armadillo into buying the online system. These actions go against the SFS code of ethics, amongst other code of ethics, which are going to be discussed."

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