How to Write a Narrative Essay

How to Write a Narrative Essay

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The narrative essay can be a difficult essay to write because it requires that the writer not only be able to write according to the rules of narrative writing, but also be able to understand the meaning of a personal experience and then adequately convey that meaning.  If you are having trouble getting started on your own narrative essay, feel free to take a look at our FREE booklet on narrative writing, “A Learning Booklet: How to Write a Narrative Essay”.  The booklet explains what sets a narrative essay apart from other more formal types of essays, the critical element of ‘making a point’ in a narrative essay,  why ‘making a point’ is important, and different ways of making that point.  In addition, “A Learning Booklet: How to Write a Narrative Essay” provides helpful hints on picking a topic and on writing the introduction and conclusion to a narrative essay. 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction 
  • What is a Narrative Essay? 
  • The Point of a Narrative Essay
  • Writing a Narrative Essay 
  • Choosing a Topic 
  • Writing the Narrative Essay
  • Conclusion            


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