How to Write a College Book Review

How to Write a College Book Review

Word Count: 1354    Pages: 9

Many college students incorrectly assume that, when assigned a book review from a professor, the criteria for the review are similar to the criteria used for book reviews written in high school.  College book reviews, however, are actually quite different and require greater analytical and writing skills. Our 9-page learning booklet "How to Write a College Book Review" was written with this important difference in mind. This informative booklet takes the reader through the important steps to follow in writing a college book review.  Starting with a brief explanation of the differences between a college book review and a book review for high school, the paper continues with a look at how to prepare to write a college book review, important points and elements to include in the review, the proper tone to use, and even special considerations for specific genres.  The booklet wraps up the discussion with a look at how to conclude a college book review.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Preparing to Review
  • Writing the College Book Review
  • A Word About Tone
  • Special Considerations Regarding Specific Genres
  • Concluding the College Book Review
  • References

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