A Guide to MLA Citation

A Guide to MLA Citation

Word Count: 2,055     Pages: 9

In this learning booklet, the basic structure to follow when using MLA citation is discussed and explained. Specifically, "A Learning Booklet – A Guide to MLA Citation", reviews basic MLA in-text citation, formatting for biographical notes, and formatting for the works cited page. The discussion on in-text citation includes a thorough explanation of the different types of in-text citation, and the discussion on the works cited page includes general guidelines for the works cited page as well as brief look at how to properly cite the names of authors and Internet sources.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • MLA Citation – The Basic Structure
  • Author-Page Style
  • Different Types of In-text Citations
  • Print Sources with Known Author
  • Print Sources with No Author
  • Classical Works
  • Authors who Share a Last Name
  • Multiple Authors
  • Multiple Works by the Same Author
  • Multivolume Works
  • Indirect Citations
  • Electronic & Internet Sources
  • Multiple Citations
  • Bibliographical Notes
  • Formatting the Works Cited Page
  • General Guidelines
  • Formatting the Names of Authors on the Works Cited Page
  • Formatting Internet Sources on the Work Cited Page
  • Works Cited

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