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The Watts Riots is the name given to a six day urban rebellion which took place at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, in the neighborhood of Watts in South Central Los Angeles.   The riots were triggered by a single incident, when a white California Highway Patrolman, Lee W. Minikus pulled over a black driver, Marquette Frye on August 11, 1965, on suspicion that he was driving while intoxicated.  At the scene of the incident, angry words were exchanged, and the crowd that gathered got so out of hand that a large scale riot soon erupted and spread through the neighborhood of Watts. For six days, violence raged in the area, resulting in 14,000 National Guard Troops being brought in to try and restore the order.  Intense looting and property damage took place in the deeply impoverished Black neighborhood, with many cars burned and properties attacked and looted.  Eventually, a 45 mile curfew zone was imposed by the authorities in a bid to get the Watts Riots under control before order could be restored on August 17th, 1965.  The results of the riots were devastating. Besides loss to property, 34 people died and thousands more injured.  The National Guard arrested four thousand people during the Watts Riots.  Following the incident, Governor Pat Brown called for an investigation, which found that the riots stemmed from growing frustration within the community due to lack of basic rights such as employment, reasonable housing and education for their children. Despite these findings, nothing was done to improve the lot of the residents of Watts.

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