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Officially, Sanskrit language is one of the 22 languages of India and is the main liturgical language of the Jain doctrine, as well as Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism. Sanskrit's roots lie in historical Indo-Aryan language. Classical Sanskrit played a very important role in the development of modern languages in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and originated in around C4 BCE. Sanskrit is still used in many religious ceremonies, especially as prayers or hymns. Several traditional locations still use spoken Sanskrit and over the years efforts have been made to revive the language. It was only in the 1600s that the written Sanskrit text started to incorporate punctuation markets, and these Sanskrit symbols are still used today. Many phrases of the language are still used as mottoes for social and educational organizations, especially in India and Nepal - for example, the motto of the Indian Air Force is the Sanskrit symbol for 'Touching the Sky with Glory'. Sanskrit definitions can be derived from many sources, and recently there has been a move to reintroduce Sanskrit into the mainstream such as western pop, and by musicians in China.

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