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Physical Education is an educational course offered to youngsters in all stages of schooling which encourages the relationship between physical movement and cognitive movement (ie. psychomotor learning) within a play setting. Physical education, which is also known as PE, Phys Ed or gym class, combines five main components to provide optimal results. These include: Muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, body composition and cardiovascular fitness. In recent years, educating students about nutrition and health has also been incorporated into physical education classes. The amount of weekly hours required for pupils to take part in physical education differs from country to country, taking certain factors into consideration such as the age of the child and the country's attitude towards the importance of this type of education. There are many benefits that have been linked to the presence of phys ed. classes within a school curriculum, including positive effects on academic achievement, increased concentration, improved scores in main subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics, and a reduction in disruptive behavior. Health benefits include favorable effects on body weight, muscular strength, endurance capacity and blood pressure, as well greater awareness of the nutritional value of food groups. PE also sets the groundwork for more physical activity in later life.

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