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Islam is a major world religion. Adherents to Islam believe in one God, Allah, and his prophet, Mohammed. Islam is the national religion of most Arab and North African countries, but Muslims are found all over the world. The Muslim religion continues to grow and now consists of 1.57 billion people. Relations between Muslim nations and Christian and Jewish nations range from tension to terror. While most people recognize that not everyone who identifies himself as a Muslim has terroristic tendencies, an understanding of Islam and Islamic religious practices can account for terroristic behavior among extremist adherents to the religion. Islamic belief is based on Sharia law which is found in the Islamic guidebook, the Qur'an, and is interpreted and enhanced by Islamic spiritual leaders. Sharia law covers all aspects of life from government to hygiene. Punishment for breaking many of the laws is death and the punishment, in many cases, is to be meted out by a male family member. The most difficult aspect of Islam for Westerners to come to grips with is "jihad" which means literally "to strive" or "to struggle". Extremist Muslims "strive" or "struggle" against all who are not Muslims, but especially Christians and Jews. Non-Muslims are considered to be infidels by these extremist Muslims who strive to convert or eliminate them.

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    # 68177 | 6,328 words | 22 sources | MLA | 2006 | US
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